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Monday, January 31, 2011

Latest News from the Feejees

Another film version of Moby-Dick was shot in Nova Scotia and Malta in 2009, with William Hurt as Ahab, Gillian Anderson as Ahab's wife ("Elizabeth"), Ethan Hawke as Starbuck, one of those Hobbit dudes, etc.

The local newspaper in Nova Scotia has extensive coverage. It is reported to be a 4-hour TV mini-series. No mention of an air-date.


  1. So, another too-young actor playing Ahab. Harrumph.

  2. Well, William Hurt was 59 when this was filmed; Ahab was 58 (Chapter CXXXII). Ahab's "young-girl wife [he] wedded past fifty" perhaps should be an actress even younger than Gillian Anderson (41 at filming) -- someone in her mid-twenties.

  3. You have a point there. Still, he's a very young looking 59. I imagine someone thin and craggy, like Trevor Howard in Mutiny on the Bounty.

  4. I just watched the preview. What is Tevye doing hunting whales? Bad CGI whales at that.

    The only smart casting choice was Eddie Marsan.