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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Besides, to this day, the highly enlightened Turks devoutly believe in the historical story of Jonah. And some three centuries ago, an English traveller in old Harris's Voyages, speaks of a Turkish Mosque built in honour of Jonah, in which Mosque was a miraculous lamp that burnt without any oil. 
     -- from Chapter LXXXIII, "Jonah Historically Regarded" 

In case any of our loyal readers may be wondering why I've left Gansevoort to shoulder the whole burden here for the past few weeks, I will offer an explanation.  Unlike Gansevoort, I have to work for a living.  And yesterday I returned from a business trip to Turkey.  I did not come across the above-mentioned mosque in honor of Jonah, but my client did take me to a wonderful seafood restaurant in Ankara.  The display of fish at right was in the entry to the restaurant -- we had (among other weird and wonderful things) the smallish silvery fish in the foreground, which I was told are not available in this immature form outside the Black Sea region.

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